How does home staging work?

1. We arrange a time to meet with you, view your property and discuss a styling plan.
2. We take photos, measurements and work out a style that best suits your home.
3. We provide you with a free quote.
4. We book a date to install. The install is usually done 1-2 days prior to photos being taken.
5. Towards the end of your hire we arrange a time to remove the furniture, if you need it installed longer than the date of contract we charge out a weekly hire rate.

How long is the staging period?

Our staging packages last for four weeks, plus one week free of charge. The first week covers photography and marketing, while the other four are for the open homes and the final sale or auction. This is generally proven to be an adequate period to achieve a sale, but if you do need to extend the charge is on a weekly basis. There is no refund given for a shorter staging period.
The only exception to the above is the Premier 72hour package, which covers installation and removal within 72hours. This should be coordinated with your marketing photographer to get the best bang for buck. 

When do I pay for the staging?

The full staging amount will be payable by the client on the day prior to the commencement of the installation of the staging furniture.
Staging extension payments are to be made the day before the next seven day week begins. If a property is sold within the staging period, no discount will be applicable for early collection of furniture.

What do I need to do to prepare my house for home staging?

The property should be clean and tidy prior to installation of the staging furniture. All building work, plumbing, electrical, carpet, painting, etc. needs to be complete prior to start of installation of staging furniture and accessories.
We have connected with local business's to help with any of the above requirements to make life a lot easier for the sale of your property. See our Services for list of additional services that will have your home looking show home ready.

Can I live in the house while it is staged?

In order to keep our furniture in top condition we prefer that they are not used by people living at the property.
However, let us work together to provide a solution if living at the property is a must. Our Premier Partial Staging package is flexible enough to make this work. We do however believe an empty house provides the best palette to work from.

Who is responsible for Insurance?

The staging furniture at your property is insured by us during the staging period.
The home owner is responsible for the insurance of the home and property. The owner and their agent must however take every reasonable step to keep the property secure during the staging period, including setting alarms at all times, and ensuring windows are secure.
No candles are to be lit during the staging period.

How much notice do you need to stage a property?

It is possible to stage properties within a day’s notice (depending on house size and requirements), but we prefer to have at least 3 days’ notice, to allow us to visit the property and plan.

What kind of access do you require?

Clean access is to be provided for us to install staging furniture.
To comply with the Health and Safety Act, walking through mud on a pathway, unusual dangerous surfaces, or over ramps to install furniture is not acceptable.

Do you need your own set of keys?

We require our own set of key/s to enter the premises, prior to installing staging furniture. We can either work with your Real Estate broker to arrange access to keys or you can provide Premier Home Staging with a set which we will keep safe in our possession for the duration of the staging period and will be returned when all furniture has been removed.

We have an alarm, what do you need from us?

It is a requirement of Premier that if there is a working alarm system on the property, this alarm be set at all times and Premier provided with the code.


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